Cool gadgets coming out from google and Apple in 2018

Innovation seems to be limitless and full of  endless possibilities. This is why every year, tech enthusiasts are looking forward to that new ‘it’ gadget that can revolutionize the market with its new design, specs and features.

Now that we are on the last day of the year 2017, the market is yet gearing up for new announcements and innovations that will begin to come out on the tech market next year – 2018.Cool gadgets to Expect in 2018

Of course, almost everyone is already expecting the iPhone X to be the most sought after gadget by next year, but the model has since been plagued with durability issues since the moment of its reveal. Despite that, Apple enthusiasts are still excited to get their hands on the new iPhone X – which will be available starting this month in limited supply.Apple 2018‌But the tech market does not just revolve on Apple or the iPhone X, there are more players in the industry that have good stuff coming in 2018. Below are just three of the coolest gadgets that are expected to be announced or released by 2018:

1. Google Pixel Buds

It seems that Google has come up with its own line of wireless earbuds to rival Apple’s AirPods. This is news that should get Android users and loyalists rejoicing, since Google’s Pixel Buds is expected to be compatible with every Android smartphone.Google pixel buds

Like AirPods, the Pixel Buds is also expected to be integrated with Google’s own assistant (like how Siri is integrated with the AirPods), and users can also listen to music, make calls and set schedules through it. It is also rumored that the Pixel Buds will be equipped with a real-time translator that is capable of translating over 40 languages.

What Else to Expect in 2018

Aside from their Pixel Buds, Google still has a lot in store for the market this coming 2018. One of those is the new Pixel 2 model which is already announced last month. The new smartphone is said to be equipped with an improved artificial intelligence (AI) feature, and with a better camera that can top Apple’s iPhone camera quality.Google ai

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Another Google gadget that is set for release on 2018 is the Google Home Max. This seems to be yet another gadget that is innovated to rival another Apple product – the HomePod. Like the HomePod, Google Home Max is a wi-fi connected smart speaker that can play quality music and equipped to work with Google Assistant and Chromecast. Both the Google Home Max and the new HomePod are set to be released next month to jumpstart the holiday season – and it will then be widely available by the start of 2018.Google home max

Samsung Galaxy S9

It seems that Samsung has redeemed itself from all that battery-exploding fiasco with its success of the Samsung Galaxy S8 this year. As of the moment, tech enthusiasts are predicting that the leading smartphone manufacturer won’t just sit idly while its biggest competitor (Apple) is about to release the iPhone X worldwide. And with Google’s upcoming Pixel 2, it is expected that Samsung will come up with even edgier and more competitive functions for its new smartphone model.

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Eventually, the company will announce a new Samsung Galaxy line by 2018, but as to what its specs and features will be, the market is left to theorize until official announcements are made.

Oculus Go

The Oculus Rift might not have been successful on making itself as a household name, but Oculus Go is geared to achieve just that. Aiming to put virtual reality (VR) entertainment on a mainstream level, the Oculus Go is priced at a more affordable rate to begin with (said to be introduced at $199), and it will be more compact and user-friendly compared to the Oculus Rift. Oculus goUsers won’t be needing a smartphone or PC to enjoy Oculus Go, it will be a lightweight VR device that can be easily used without wires attached.

For Apple fans, the iPhone X is already ready for the market. However, the leading tech company does not stop at that. Apple will also release a new version of its health and fitness tracker, the Apple Watch Series 3. Like the iPhone X, it is expected to be available by the holidays and will become widely sold by the start of 2018.Apple watch 3

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A feature that is added onto the Apple Watch Series 3 is the ability to get calls, listen to music, receive notifications and talk to Siri via LTE technology. This means that users won’t be needing to have their iPhones nearby in order to do these activities.

Although Apple seems to be leading in the smartwatch market, it still finds a possible competitor with FitBit’s upcoming Ionic line of smartwatches. Like the Apple Watch, FitBit is a known health and fitness tracker brand, and it seems that they are trying to up the smartwatch game in 2018 by having the FitBit Ionic poised as the ultimate smartwatch – making it compatible with third-party apps and comes equipped with a battery power that can last for over 5 days.

These are just some of the gadgets that the market should watch for in 2018. If anyone noticed, these are mostly products from the main players of the tech industry – Apple, Samsung and Google. It should not also be forgotten that some giants such as Amazon and Sony, or even up and coming competitive companies such as the Chinese brand, Xiaomi (the company responsible for FitBit), would come up with their own new line of gadgets that will revolutionize entertainment and communication in 2018 and beyond.

Again, the possibilities when it comes to innovation is limitless. The market should also take into consideration new apps that might change the way we live in the next year or so. Some recent examples of this would be Grab, Uber, Food Panda and Spotify. Up and coming apps are also expected to utilize augmented reality (AR) more, and not just in gaming such as how Niantic’s Pokemon Go worked, but also in navigation, advertising and shopping activities by the next five years or so.

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