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Hi guys. For those interested in the world of programming and making different cross-platform apps, you need to Download Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise. Visual Studio is used to build apps on the .NET framework. You could use C# to build your dream app with that!

Microsoft visual studio Enterprise 2017

According to Wikipedia,

Microsoft Visual Studio is an integrated development environment (IDE) from Microsoft. It is used to develop computer programs, as well as web sitesweb appsweb services and mobile apps. Visual Studio uses Microsoft software development platforms such as Windows APIWindows FormsWindows Presentation FoundationWindows Store and Microsoft Silverlight. It can produce both native code and managed code.

Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 Features :

  • crossplatform libraries
  • Supports any dev, any app, and any platform.
  • Newfaster and easier with Xamarin.
  • Code navigation, refactoring, and code fixes. team collaborate efficiently.
  • unit test generation features.
  • work with virtually any code. debugging and profiling tools. live dependency validation tool.
  • Advanced IDE with unparalleled productivity. Unit testing, debugging and test experience. code navigation and code fixes. comprehensive integration, etc. Microsoft visual studio

How to Download Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 with serial key

I’m giving you two working methods to get activated Microsoft visual studio Enterprise 2017! Enjoy!Microsoft visual studio Enterprise 2017

Visual studio installation Method 1

1. Download the online installer of Microsoft Enterprise free trial

2 . Install it and don’t open yet

3. Download the Microsoft visual studio serial keys below and apply anyone you want. Unlocked!

Visual studio installation Method 2

Install“vs_enterprise” Setup (Provided below) . Internet connection is required for setup verification (IMPORTANT).

After installation, turn off internet connection. (IMPORTANT).

Run > Visual Studio Enterprise 2017 and use the provided serial key for successful activation. 🙂

Note: Never Sign in > Click skip “OR” clik on “Maybe later” option. All done, Enjoy! Visual Studio 2017 incl product key full version for free..

Download Microsoft Visual Studio Enterprise offline installer (20GB)

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Hello guys. This tutorial is for those who use Coreldraw software. I recently ran into an issue when to activate corel draw X7. Normally, I have corel draw x7  installed and running for some months now without any issue but the problem started a few months ago which is based on Corel Draw fair policy.

The problem started after I did windows update on Windows 10, restarted and connected my laptop to the internet then i received this message when I started corel draw x7.


This software is operating under an invalid license. It has therefore switched to Viewer Mode. All save, export and print features are now permanently disabled. To continue using CorelDRAW Graphics Suite, you must purchase a legitimate copy. Take advantage of our amnesty program to buy an authorized version of CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X7 at a special low price. This exclusive offer is available through this message only.[the_ad id=”2430″]

At first I thought the problem was from the windows update I did but then I discovered that the main issue was from corel draw x7 accessing the internet, so I embarked on operation “How to block internet connection on corel draw”. I did some research, watched some helpful videos but this one makes sense and helped me one of the steps I took to totally block corel draw from accessing the internet which makes me activate corel draw x7 for life!

 How to Activate Corel Draw x7 for Life Yourself

To activate corel draw x7 for life using my method, you need to totally block all internet connections corel draw sends out using the internet. So, you are not blocking your internet but you are blocking corel draw from using the internet.There are 3 necessary steps to take to enable 100% activation for life.

  1. Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
  2. Block host file
  3. Allow/Block an app in Windows Firewall Setting

#1. Windows Firewall with Advanced Security

This method is explained in this video, but for those who can’t watch the video for reasons best known to them i will include the steps below.

  • Open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security.

  • Click on “Inbound Rules“.

  • Right Click on corel draw and click “Disable Rule“.

  • Select Corel Draw x7, it can be any edition of corel draw. Click on “New Rule“.

  • Select “Programs” and click on Next.

  • This program path” click on Browse and locate where corel draw is installed. Corel draw default install location is C:/Program Files/Corel/Programs64/CorelDRW.exe[the_ad id=”2428″]

  • Click “Block this connection” which is block corel draw from accessing the internet.

  • Give your new rule a name. I gave mine “Corel Draw Block“. You can give your new rule any name of your choice.

#2. Block Windows Host File

This second step is easier than the first step which basically needs you to add to two lines of words to a notepad document and save, Pretty easy right?

  • Open windows explorer by going to “This PC” or “My computer“.
  • Navigate to Windows – System 32 -drivers – etc – hosts.

  • Right click on hosts and go to properties. Un-tick Read Only.

  • lick on Security Tab, then click on Edit and tick the following boxes on all accounts listed there.
    • Full control
    • Modify
    • Read & execute
    • Read
    • Write

  • Click on Apply. Press Yes.

  • Right click on the host file, open with Notepad.

  • Open. Paste this two lines in the host mc.corel.com apps.corel.com

  • Save.
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Recently, I saw a whatsapp status of an animation from my friend and I asked him what software he used. Do you know you can send any type of file on WhatsApp? His answer is shown in the screenshot below- Videoscribe. That is why I bring you the download link of Videoscribe Pro software for free. Start making animations!

I have always noticed Wonderful animations on his WhatsApp status cos he delivers quality posts on androidspit.com.

The video scribe software enables you to create amazing animations, but the software is a paid software- meaning you have to buy the license keyVideoscribe is not free but I cracked it

Videoscribe pro features

VideoScribe Pro is a unique way to create engaging animated videos quickly and easily. You are empowered to bring impact to your message without technical or design knowledge. You can create unbeatable marketing videos, instructional talks, add a visual to your talk or story, bring illustrations to life, show text, logos or photos and keep any audience captivated.

Features of Videoscribe PRO Edition

  • Full HD output
  • Fast rendering
  • Use the output (whole or part) commercially
  • No watermarks or branding
  • Use your own hands
  • Output to QuickTime movie or Flash Video
  • Create PNG & JPG image sequences
  • All updates & upgrades as they come out
  • Commercial use of the full image library
  • Commercial use of the full music library
  • Commercial use of the full font library
  • Resell the output as yours (as long as you have an active Pro account)

Screenshot of Designs Done with Videoscribe Pro

Videoscribe pro Videoscribe pro Videoscribe pro Videoscribe pro

How to activate Videoscribe Pro?

  1. Download & Install the product from the given link below
  2. Install the program and launch it
  3. You would see the option to sign in or register, just press login without typing any details
  4. You have successfully done the activation. Enjoy! 
  5. Kindly comment below when you do that successfully!

Download Link

Videoscribe Cracked (39mb)

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Kaspersky Anti-Virus for pc 2018 gives you the ultimate and essential protection against all types of malware, guarding you from the latest viruses & worms without slowing down your PC. Kaspersky Anti-Virus for pc 2018 version – “Kaspersky Lab”, offering maximum protection from malicious programs and a basic level of protection against Internet threats. File Anti-Virus, proactive technologies and opportunities of cloud network. Kaspersky Security Network provides a high level of security, confirmed by numerous testings – Kaspersky Anti-Virus was a product of the Year by the independent laboratory AV-Comparatives. Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018 features :Kapersky

  • Recovery from infection.
  • the IM Anti-Virus.
  • File Anti-Virus.
  • Mail Anti-Virus.
  • Web Anti-Virus.
  • the Network of Kaspersky Security.
  • Virtualkeyboard.
  • Monitoring activity.
  • Safe Search of Kaspersky the Rescue the Disk.
  • Vulnerability fixes.

How to activate Or Crack Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018

Install Kaspersky Anti-Virus for pc 2018 provided build trial edition. After installation use any of provided license keys for Kaspersky Anti-Virus for pc 2018 activation. Or you can also Use Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2018 trial resetter for resetting trial, after you exceed the trial.


Download file by clicking the link below:


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hot 5Learn How to Flash All Infinix Mobile Phones
Download Your Infinix USB Driver
Download & Extract SP Flash Tool Folder To Your PC

–Navigate To Your Specific Scatter File & Load It
–Connect Your Phone and Wait For The Process To Complete
–Done !!
For Detailed Steps On How to Flash Your Android Phones With SP Flash Tool & Other Flashing Tools Click Here
–Always Make Sure You Are Flashing With The Correct Firmware as Flashing a Phone with Incorrect Flash File Could Render It Useless as It Will No Longer Power On Or Be Detected By Any PC
WARNING: If You’re Not Sure, Kindly Take Your Phone To a Professional, As We Shall Not In Any Way Take Responsibility For Any Damaged Phone.
  • Ensure the Phone you are about to Flash has at least 40% Battery Charge.
  • Make a Backup of all your personal Data, before Flashing your Device, as this could help you fall back on its Prior Flashing State, if anything goes wrong.
  • Always Flash with the right Stock Rom (Firmware, Scatter File, OS, Flash File) as Flashing a Phone with the wrong File Could be Fatal.


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Many are already familar with the popular SP Flash Tool (Smart Phone Flash Tool), but getting thr right software (roms)for a phone always seems to be a difficult task and they waste data browsing over the internet for it.Roms www.tomjoetech.net

Today, I’m reintroducing you to where Ill post ROMS available for download. Just head on to roms.tomjoetech.net!


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Hello. Here are all official connected platforms of this site.

Facebook: visit

Email: phonefixerxyz@gmail.com

Instagram: Visit

Youtube Page: Visit

Google+ : Visit 

Twitter: Visit


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Phonefixer.xyz ha been launched. Tomjoetech.net is moving to



  1. Repair of all software problems of mobile phones and laptops
  2. Repair of all hardware problems of mobile phones
  3. Web design services
  4. Any Service on wordpress- SEO development, Premium Plugins and themes
  5. Roms and custom rms available for download


Kindly visit the permanent link Phonefixer.xyz or you can still be using the old one for a while Tomjoetech.net


You damage- We fix!



Visit Phonefixer.xyz/blog and that’s it!


READ MORE– How to make money from us!

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Today, I’ll show you what can be considered as a tip of the iceberg of a big stuff that’s going down on this site in a few hours. This stuff is really going to be all over, so kindly pay attention.

Its about Phone Repairs.


After you repair your damaged phone through us, you can get a unique referral code that a new customer can choose to use. After your code is used thrice by others, you get #1000 and you can choose to withdraw via bank transfer or airtime!

Note that this is not a ponzi scheme or a trick!. And your phones repaired with us are fixed well by a professional of years of experience in the field. 

All my blog posts would be accessible by clicking ‘blog’ on the homepage, as a restructuring would make booking a phone repair service easy and safe. This wonderful phone repair portal can be accessed by using any of these links:

– Phonefixer.xyz   


Q- How good are you in phone fixing?

A- Very good.

Q- What kinds of phone issues do you repair?

A- Software and hardware problems

Q- When do I get my phone fixed?

A- As quickly as possible

Q- What if I want to bring the phone to you for a repair?

A- Contact us,  we’ll tell you where!

Q- Do you offer warranty on your services?

A- Sure, but each warranty length defer from one solved problem to another.

Q- I want to donate to assist you

A- Kindly use the ‘donate now’ button!

Don’t give your damaged phones to non professionals, as they would make it worse!

PHONEFIXER.XYZ is here for you!!

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Torrent files are media content files. They are the audio, video, game, softwares, application, and image files people want, but don’t want to pay for.

torrent files - tomjoetech.net

These files are mostly free of adware/spyware and corruption, available in high definition (if applicable), and free of user fees.

In order to download this content, you first need to find it on a community website. These sites provide the “menu” of .torrent files for you to choose from. As the image above illustrates, PirateBay.com, for instance, has more than 6 million torrent files available for download.

As you can imagine, they often run into legal trouble. Torrent files are beloved by lots of people because they are quick in downloading and can render huge amounts of data. Unfortunately, they are not easy to reach, as a rule.

VPNs- For What?

Entertainment industry legal teams are well aware of torrenting. In fact, they’ve joined the communities and actively use the client programs. Yet instead of sharing, they participate as a way to catch file sharers and send them Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) takedown notices.

Governments usually are disloyal to foreign Internet users. They set sophisticated policies in order to defend national Web spaces from piracy, plagiarism or other interventions. Those policies implementation results in various limitations, which make torrent users dependent on their current geographical location in the world. Foreign authorities or authorized agencies may prohibit some categories of users to download torrent videos or music from websites subordinated to them.

VPN technologies help bypass restrictions due to the capacity of anonymous browsing Internet resources. A usual question is ‘How to choose a correct torrent VPN?’ To answer it, one should understand basic requirements of torrenting.

Main criteria that would affect your choice of VPN should be:

  • High speed and no interruptions while downloading or sharing files,
  • Successful work with big files,
  • ​Access to many servers in desired regions,
  • High level of data protection.

There are not so many VPN providers in the world that may offer clients really qualitative services for dealing with torrent files. Top five torrent providers include:

    • PureVPN,
    • NordVPN
    • ExpressVPN
    • VyrpVPN
    • Buffered VPN
 Not all VPN companies allow torrent downloading. It depends on where the company is based. If it is based in a country where file sharing copyrighted content is not monitored closely, it usually allows torrenting.

They offer customers some period of free torrent VPN usage and have obligatory money back guarantees.

Services listed here also gained fame as ones having affordable prices. In spite of comparatively low pricing, their credibility and high quality are recognized by the global Web community.

One more important feature is access to multiple devices. This means that you buy only a single VPN, which will be available on your laptop, tablet, iPhone, Chrome device, etc.

Still, there are more than 30 million people who download at least one torrent on a given day. And they (hopefully) use a quality VPN to ensure they avoid those nasty DMCA takedown notices. This practice ensures access to your favorite content with total protection.

Lastly, it should be noted that copyright protection practices regarding file sharing and piracy vary significantly both in the U.S. and from country to country.

Within the U.S., some content providers, like HBO, are quick to issue DMCA takedowns. Music industry organizations, on the other hand, employ a “strike system” where the user is warned long before they receive a notice to stop downloading torrents. How much does it cost?
Anonymous VPN service is extremely affordable. Prices range generally from $6-$20 per month depending on the provider and range of services offered. To put it into perspective, a good VPN costs:

  • 40% as much as the average Netflix subscription
  • 8% as much as the average smartphone bill
  • 4% as much as the average NYC cable bill

So ask yourself, can you afford NOT to have a secure VPN?

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