5 Reasons why Buying Infinix Hot 5 Is a Great Idea!

The latest Infinix phone, the Infinix Hot 5 is starting to gain popularity and Infinix fans are not too happy with a few things I’ll list below. I have written a well organized post on the Infinix Hot 5 here , and many fans, including me, have not been happy for the following reasons in the first instance:

  • It hasn’t been long since Infinix produced two phones- The Infinix S2 , Infinix Smart and Infinix Note 4. Production and release of phones should be widely spaced!
  • The specs of the Infinix Hot 5 do not look amazing as we envisaged.
  • The Hot 5 is likely going to be in three variants- The Hot 5, the Hot 5 Lite, and the Hot 5 pro (infinix new bad marketing technique)
  • The Hot 5 is too similar to the Infinix Hot 4.

Actually, Infinix can be better than Gionee. You may ask how? Click here to see. So, in case you are also disappointed, Infinix may have made a wise decision in making the Infinix Hot 5- I am quite sure you’ll agree with me after this post.

Below are some leaked pictures of the Hot 5;

Well, before I proceed, I had sone expectations from InfinixMobile when I saw their last device, which are;

1. I was expecting a break in phone production, like 5months, so their users won’t be tired of jumping from phone to phone. C’mon, I have been using the Hot 4 pro I bought last year December. Right now, it looks like Im 3 years behind, cos since then, Infinix released the following phones:

  • Infinix Smart
  • Infinix S2
  • Infinix s2 pro
  • Infinix note 4
  • Infinix note 4 pro
  • Now- infinix hot 5??

Sincerely, I’m like:

2. I was expecting another Androidone Infinix phone, since the Hot2 is their only androidone phone.

3. I was expecting a giveaway from Infinix- It’s long overdue

4. It wont have been bad if Infinix thought of adding band 28 Lte to their phones, CMON, YOU CANT USE GLO 4G WIH ANY INFINIX PHONE- NOW THAT’S SHIT!

Now, I think the Hot 5 isnt a bad idea, because of the following:

The Good Parts of Infinix Hot 5 (5 Reasons to buy)


  1.  Strong 4000mAh battery:

4000mAh high capacity battery combined with the energy-efficient XOS, provides at least 2 days usage for an average user. When going on a long trip, you can be rest assured that your device would last you well through the day and into the next. You dont have to worry about getting a power bank if you are an average user!

2. Fingerprint Smart Key Security; Convenient, Hassle Free

Scan your fingerprint to experience the convenience of secure ID access. The smart Fingerprint key eliminates complicated passwords and provides secure unlocking, wakes dormant apps, and enables privacy control in various other applications.

3. Diamond cutting edge design

A rigid structure has been combined with colorful 3D Texture to encapsulate youthfulness, beauty, and personalized aesthetics.
4. Cos its on Android 7.0 and the newly release Xos 2.2. XOS is an Infinix exclusive customized operating system based on Android N. Providing an excellent interactive experience with innovative features such as custom themes, Multi Account, and Freezer. XOS will personalize your mobile experience for you while also decreasing power consumption.
5. It has a soft flashlight that protects your eyes and boasts of a sharp camera.

Pricing of Infinix Hot 5

According to one of my sources working in Infinixmobility, the Hot 5 costs about 37,500naira which is equivalent to 105.49USD! That’s affordable and its reason number 6. What do you think?



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