Benefits of rooting your phone

What does it mean to root your android? Does rooting ruin my phone? Are there benefits of rooting? This post would explain all those facts about rooting of android devices. But wait- Do you know that as an android user, you can double or triple our adsense earnings without being banned? All these are compiled in my Google Adsense E-book that is almost ready. Meanwhile, download my Android app here.
There’s this picture I found on google that briefly explained the advanced features you get by rooting your android phone:Benefits of rooting your android phone
Sometimes when I repair software issues for my customers, I make them aware that I might have to root their phones and briefly explain what rooting means- so roting your android phone can solve simple problems and you do not have to perform a factory reset or flashing! Rooting your phone would save you time and energy and would make your phone truly yours in appearance and advanced features.
If you’re really interested in customizing your phone like a pro, I recommend 20 things you can do after rooting your phone- It’s a post that’s still undergoing incubation as I am adding all available ingredients to make it as easy as you can imagine- It’ll be like a DIY (do-it-yourself tutorial).
Benefits of rooting your android phone
The dangers of having your device rooted were enumerated not too long ago.  As promised, among the benefits of rooting your android phone are :
Rooting can:
1. Make you change your boot animation, eg if you’re using a Tecno phone and u want it to boot Samsung wen u power on or off
2. Make u change your phone’s font, ie handwriting
3. Make u increase your Rom memory
4. Make u increase your RAM
5.Remove stubborn virus from your phone
6.Make you tweak your phone, ie customize d os, change your phone’s name in settings
7. Change your imei easily (view here)
8. Hide the pattern dots for lockscreen, so it would look as though you are using gesture unlock
9. Record your screen
10. Change everything about your notification bar
11. Change your menu keys/add new ones ie menu keys are the home, options and back keys
12. Change your OS/ROM , ie the software of your phone
13. Enable Adb when you’re locked out
14. Fix your cameras if they are not showing
15. Fix invalid imei error (works most tyms)
16. Change your IP
17. Change your device ID
And so many more.. d list z endless… But if you cannot do any of the above, dont just root for nothing. Root to do what you wanna do and immediately unroot. I have my reasons, trust me
Basically, the root permissions your phone has would bring out the hacked and geek in you, as your phone would have entirely different features when compared with your friend’s phone of the same model. When you are rooted, you can enjoy so many things indeed.

Change Device ID with no stress(to enjoy tweakware free servers)

Change IMEI number with no stress!

Normally, to change an amdroid phone’s imei, you need a PC or to go through the Engineering mode. This can be difficult for those who do not know how to tweak imei with these apps. But with your rooted phone, a simple app (click here to check) just needs you to type the required imei you want fot the required sim and press change! Your stress is minimized as you do not need to know too much to change your IMEI.
Benefits of rooting your android phone

Many other things you can do with your rooted devices are so many. Watch out for the powerful post on 20 amazing things to do on your android after rooting. Many android users need this indeed!

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Bonus tip: to know how we as hackers get imei cheat, look at this post: Foundation and process of IMEI browsing cheats(soon be released).

When you root your phone, you can also optimize your phone’s speed with so many strategies. Rooting also makes it possible for us as android developers to suck out the rom from a phone! With rooting, I can make sure that even I join a WiFi network, the connection would be very fast on my phone or laptop and it would be totally slow for others that connect! ?Isn’t thay way cool- My pals would say ‘I know that guy has joined now, everything would be slow’. A rooted android can also hack many wifi routers like the popular Spectranet and Swift 4G amongst others.


1. By using an android app

2. With a computer.

1. Rooting with Android Apps:

Several android apps can root your android phone successfully, and they include the following listed below. You can download them by searching on google ‘Download [appname].apk’ where [appname] is the name of the app.

1. Kingroot

2. Iroot

3. Framaroot

4. Vroot, etc


2. Rooting with a computer software

Similarly, any of the computer softwares listed below would root your android device successfully:

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1. Kingroot for PC(free)

2. Miracle Box

3. Iroot for pc/and many other flashing box.


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