Applications Of Artificial Intelligence.

Applications of artificial intelligence.

Hello guys, previously we talked about a few things on Artificial Intelligence. Which was basically an introduction. Here we’ll be looking at a few applications of this cool advancing technology of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence are used and can be used in various ways, practically even used in almost anyway,for example

  1. Object Detection.

    Some devices are made to detect changes in their environment. After this is done, they are made to carry out specific tasks as a result of these changes in their surroundings. We’ve seen movies where security cameras are placed in buildings to detect if someone is trying to come in or out of the buildings and all of a sudden, the alarm is sounded. Cars that could actually drive themselves without colliding with objects,although this self-driving tech is in serious advancement and in some countries have actually been in use but the truth is “these technologies do exist” in our world today.

  2. Speech Recognition.

    Robots or Machines in general are designed to recognize the voices of their masters or owners. Even recognizing various individual voices and limit what individuals can do with them(robots) to certain things. For example, a robot can only open a safe or underground vault in a house only if the voice is that of the owner. Just like having a super user or root user in a linux sever or a super admin of a website or blog.

  3. Face Recognition.

    This is basically synonymous to the speech recognition except that this is facial, and it(robot / device) uses the face to recognize individuals without mistaken a twin for another;

  4. Gaming.
    credit : thenextweb

    This is probably the coolest and weirdest part of Artificial Intelligence. Robots are designed to play mind and logical games with humans. And possibly even impossible for a human to beat. A popular example is the AlphaGo game which was organized by the famous web search engine and developers of the open source android operating system GOOGLE. P.S (The Robot actually won the game!)
    The Go game is : A Chinese originated game where Two players take turns placing white or black stones on a 19-by-19 grid. Which is drawn with lines over a wooden board. Stones are placed at the intersection of any two lines. Players claim territory when their stones completely surround and capture their opponent’s stones. When there are no more moves to make, the player who controls more of the board is the winner. Robots are designed to learn on their own, so at some point, they only need maintenance and upgrade.

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Another example is the iron man’s robot character, it may seem fake or unreal but technology as it advances comes with a lot of surprises. Other aspects where this technology are also used are : Image Processing, Diagnosis (either in physics or medicine etc), Computer Gaming, Security Systems, and a host of others, Practically used anywhere! :-).

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