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Android Q Will Let You Lock A Phone To A Carrier SIMReading Time: 2 Minutes

Android Q will let you lock a phone to a carrier SIMReading time: 2 minutes

Android Q is the next android version after Android 7.0, and it has many pros and cons, one of which is being discussed; the part of network carriers having more ability to lock your phone down to specific networks via your SIM card. That is, sim card lock

This would even allow phones to accept a SIM card from the primary carrier while blocking MVNOs that run on the same towers.

Dual-SIM devices are due for some changes as well. In Android Pie, carriers can set global SIM locks for a dual-SIM phone. In Android Q, they’ll be able to configure different carrier lists for each slot. So, the carrier could choose to lock out the second SIM slot unless a supported SIM is in the first slot.

This change might not make a really huge difference to most phone buyers—after all, it’s not as though SIM card lock is new. Carriers could do some annoying SIM things in Android Q, but you can always just buy an unlocked phone! Or unlock the locked phone.

Other Features of Android Q

Lastly, here are a few more things we found in this early leaked build:

  • There is a new “sensors off” Quick Settings tile that seems to disable all radios and turn on airplane mode. It might be set up to do more in the future, but that’s what I’ve found so far. It’s possible that this will be a tin foil hat mode to disable all sensors on the device that can’t normally be turned off (accelerometer, gyroscope, etc.) Apps like WhatsApp need permissions
  • The screen lock setting has two new options: “SmartLock only extends unlock” and “Lock screen when trust is lost.” The former lets a trusted device keep your smartphone awake for longer, but doesn’t allow it to unlock the device once it has been locked. The latter option will lock the smartphone when the last trusted device is no longer trusted.
  • The built-in files app now lets you filter by images, documents, audio, video, etc. when browsing directories.
  • The app installation dialog is no longer full-screen. Instead, it’s a pop-up like on tablets.

Source: XDA

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