An Indian Hacker Just Shut Down a News Website- Lets see how he did it!

The official website of Kashmir Media Service,, has been hacked by Indian hackers. The officials immediately took down their website after the attack- to hide the attack but alas- it was discovered. Though, It is not yet confirmed which Indian hacker group defaced the Kashmir Media Service website. Till now, no official statement has been issued by the news agency in this regard. After taking over the website, the Indian hackers posted offensive articles against the freedom fighters of Kashmir, Pakistan and China.

And not long ago; Earlier this month to be specific , Indian hackers hacked the official website of Pakistani Government, crippling and stopping the authorities to work online. Furthermore, on 14 August Indian hackers hacked different governments website, including the website of Pakistan’s federal Cabinet. After defacing the cabinet’s website hackers posted “Happy Independence Day-August 15” on it.

They also added a photo of Indian army hoisting an Indian flag on the Siachen glacier.

In April, the Pakistan Peoples Party’s official website was hacked by Indians .“Team IBH is back again on Pakistan government servers. You should have expected us,” a message on the website read. The party however, recovered the website shortly after the attack. [purchase_link id=”4832" style=”button” color=”dark-gray” text=”Buy Adsense Tricks Pdf” direct=”true”]

The cyber attack is not new between the duo, both countries have been waging cyber war on each other’s official government websites for quite some time now. Pakistani hackers hacked ten websites of Indian educational institutions including Delhi University (DU), Aligarh Muslim University, IIT-Delhi, IIT-BHU and posted Pakistan Zindabad on them. India and Pakistan are not only exchanging bullets on borders but also attacking each other on online platforms and it seems that there is no end to this hacking power show till sanity unites the two governments once again.

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How would you feel if Unilag’s website and a federal agency’s website in Nigeria is hacked?

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