Adsoptimal The Best Adsense Alternative

Hello guys. Are you a blogger that needs cash, or you’ve been looking for the best adsense alternative? Today, i introduce one of the very best; Adsoptimal. Below are steps on how to join the system.

Here, I will share my knowledge about the Adsoptimal the best Adsense alternative. AdsOptimal (Social Nation Inc) is an advertising company that was established in October 2012 in San Francisco, California. AdsOptimal offers innovative ad unit, designed and optimized for mobile sites and also for Desktop. Adsoptimal partner with Double Click, Criteo and many others bringing you the best ad network and top dollars.

1. Ad format ?

Adsoptimal ad network provide variety of ad solution which include mobile apps and multiple rich media banners, 360 virtual videos.

2. Approval Process?

Website/blog must have 30k impressions per month and 5000 unique impression per month.

3. Minimum Payouts ?

Payment frequency of Adsoptimal is based on Request. it’s pay minimum $50 by paypal,check.

4. CPC,CPM and CPA Rates ?

CPM rates= Approx upto $8 for every 1000 impression.

WHAT IS PPC– introduction to earning

Pay per click (PPC), also called cost per click, is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which advertisers pay the publisher when the ad is clicked. Actually, Google Adsense is the best PPC. But many Publisher rejected or banned from Google Adsense. So You can try the best Adsense alternative Adsoptimal. It is also PPC network.


AdsOptimal is no different from other PPC programs as program advertising. But there are more things that I think Adsoptimal is excellent PPC program.

  • Easy to get a Publisher account. Usually, every publisher who signed up will be accepted in 1-2 days.
  • Do not need to have a website or blog that high traffic. If you are a newbie in blogger or your website is very new then it is perfect for you.
  • Adsoptimal ads are available for both Mobile and Desktop user
  • You can earn $5-$10 easily. You can request a payment every time you reach $50.Methods of regular payments using Paypal.

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How To Get An Adsoptimal Publisher Account?

1. Visit this Link first:

2. Now click On Sign Up Button

3.  Next enter your email address, password, name and tick mark their T&C and click submit.

4. After you register and wait for 1-2 days. After approval, you need to add ads code on your blog or website

5. Next, copy the ads code and insert in your blog head.


How to Add ads code on Blogger?

If you are user then you need to add ads code on Blogger’s head, then the ads will show on your blog.If you don’t know how to add ads code on head then follow the steps:

1.The first log in your blogger account then go template

2. On template click Edit HTML and find <head> or press ctrl+F and type <head> and search

3. Now below heap copy and past the HEAD code from Adsoptimal


4. now click save template. next go to layout, add a new HTML/javascript where you want to show and past the ads size code (Like <div class=”adsoptimal-slot” style=”width: 300px; height: 250px;”></div> ) and save. Now ads will be visible on your blog.



In your dash board, click on plugins- add new

Search for ‘ad inserter’. Install and activate this plugin. Then go to your plugin menu and find this plugin.Press settings and get to a point where you can add your ads

If your site or blog posts, articles or contents are premium and unique you will get free $15 for the first time.Certainly! If you successfully refer a friend, you will get commission plus 10% of his earnings for a year! Wonderful, aint it?

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