9Mobile Introduces Unlimited Time-Pack Plan

9mobile network, which was previously called Etisalat has a very affordable data plan that less than 6% of its users know about. In fact, I searched google this morning to see whether another blog had this posted but to my amazement, no othee blog has this- so let’s say that I am giving this to you fresh and free of charge! This is about a very fast and cheap time-pack plan!9mobile free moreblaze

Although I would soon start making attempts to bypass this stuff, but for now, lets enjoy paying for it.

I wanted a time-pack plan and I searched everywhere, but I couldn’t, until I went to 9mobile website as usual to buy a data plan with my debit card- till I saw this banner

How Does this Etisalat Time-Based plan (Blaze on) work?

BlazeOn Time-Pack plan is the fastest and easiest way for 9mobile customers to connect to the internet. Simply choose the time plan you want: and you are connected to internet immediately. Just open any of your favorite apps and select a suitable time plan; be it as short as 10 minutes or as long as even 1 hour.

Now, you can experience no more bill shocks. When you need new connection, BlazeOn offers it to you! With 9mobile BlazeOn you won’t miss out on latest action and will always be connected with your friends.

Timely based data plan was firstly introduced by Airtel in 2015, by then, you can get 1hour with just N100 to download unlimited, N200 for three hours of amazing and unlimited speedy browsing and downloading, but Airtel later increased the price and that was how the Airtel timely based data plan was buried alive. Etisalat is now taking over from where Airtel stopped.

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To Enjoy Etisalat Blaze Time-Pack plan

Text “blazeon” to 229 or just download & install the blaze on app or download and install from the following download links:

Download Links

Download AppFile Here

Download from Playstore


Your time plans co-exists with existing bundle plans but takes priority. If you have a large file to download over the net and etisalat speed in your location is ok, you will really love this plan when you give it a trial, as you get UNLIMITED ACCESS!

9Mobile Introduces Time-Pack Plan
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9Mobile Introduces Time-Pack Plan
Now, the 9mobile network has a time-based plan in which you can buy a specific amount of time for unlimited access to the internet for browsing and downloading and its really cheap and verryyy fast
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