21 Mistakes You make as a blogger to kill your SEO-With Solutions

Today, I’ll be talking about how you can get your SEO right and how you can begin to rank high in the popular search engines. Many blogs don’t show up when google is searched, and this occurs because your SEO isn’t set well. Would be looking at 21 mistakes that can prevent you from gaining search engine visits and make your blog an unvisited island.Seo google search engine

SEO is Search Engine Optimization 

If you are a serious minded blogger, but your blog is not making the success you want, don’t worry. This post is for YOU! Today, I’ll be releasing serious secrets that determine the popularity and exposure of your blog. This also affects your ranking in several sites, like Moz, Alexa and others.

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Well, you may be thinking of how I did it- As far as I am concerned, the domain is going to be obsolete, as I am not willing to sell it and it would expire by 2018(not renewing it), since Google did not approve my appeal o reinstate my Adsense Account- I am cool with www.tomjoetech.net , and I hope you are, too!

There are some mistakes that you can make as a blogger that would affect your SEO, and by implication, make you to rank very low in Search Engines, or not appear there at all!


There are several wrong things you can do unintentionally or unknowingly that can destroy your SEO. I intended to list them one by one first, and start proffering solutions. However, Your webaite would not rank high, due to one or more of the mistakes below, so I’ll address them alongside the solutions one after the other.

1. Website/Domain Age:

You just bought your domain? Chill for about two weeks before trying to have a good standing in terms of presence in search engines’ results.

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2. Poorly Coded Website:

Googlebot can only read your site’s code and contents, it doesnt look at the color. If your heme is poorly coded or implemented, I have come to note that you have a 39% chance of appearing in search engines. Thats why your template or theme must have no problem. Its makes google feel bad- And you want Googlebot to be haooy with your website, don’t you? Rank high seo

3. Zero Social Media Influence:

Never underestimate the power of social networks- that may be the boost your site is looking for! There are many social networks in which you can be active and post your links. social networks are high authority sites- So when someone searches for your stuff, the social network shows up and links back to your blog. Remember not to overdo it! Seo search engine google


There are lot of forums you can participate in actively, and gain readers and viewers alike. 8% of my total site traffic is gotten from the popular Nigerian forum Nairaland.com. There are many others that I would probably mention soon. The strategy of making it and becoming popular is making your presence felt and known by providing useful posts in various forums.


Don’t be too high- loosen up! Its good to have blogger acquaintances, or friends with whom you share ideas and gain experience. Join the whatsapp group for blogs and drop your useful links- once a while. Dont drop low-quality posts- You’re stabbing yourself by doing that. I once met a blogger whose domain name is …..techs.com, and he wqs always posting fake rumours, gossips, and copied contents. Although I had the intention to assist him, I changed my mind because he wasn’t ready to change obviously. 


This can be very annoying! Many blogger form the habit of copying blog posts- not knowing these secret success facts:

  • The number of posts you have isn’t a great determining factor of your site’s power- many high authority sites don’t post too much, yet, the name is there.
  • Copying and pasting into your blog from another is like taking 6steps backwards, while posting original contents is like one step forward.
  • Google would consider the site you copied from over you.

Tip: To check if a blog post is copied and where it is copied from, CLICK HERE and insert the post link to expose the truth! While duplicating texts was a common practice back in the day, today search engines penalize this approach


Never form the habit of posting few words. It can dissuade search engines from considering you- Cmon, its a blog and not a diary. Would you read a newspaper that every article inside is half a page? No. Improve on your writing skills and merge short topics to form a whole big one.

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In case you did not know, you Must submit your website to popular site engines for them to index your site

Indexing your site means a search engine adds its contents to its directory.

To add your website for Google Indexing, [button color=”red” size=”small” link=”https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url” icon=”” target=”true”]CLICK HERE for Google indexing[/button]

To add your website for Bing Index,  [button color=”red” size=”small” link=”https://www.bing.com/toolbox/submit-site-url” icon=”” target=”true”]click here for Bing Index[/button]

To check if your site is indexed, go to Google and search for


For example, I will go to google and search site:tomjoetech.net. if at least, two contents appear from yoir sie on the first page, your site has been through rhe General index.


It is very bad for you not to have a sitemap. These are important points about the sitemap of any site:

  • Your sitemap shows search engines how to navigate your site
  • Your sitemap tells google whre to start from on your site
  • Your sitemap contains individual details of your blog posts.
  • A website without a sitemap has he chance of 4% of appearing on google, so it may never indeed appear.

Your website is big, so without a sitemap, Google has no clue on how to get info from your posts.

9. BAD SITEMAP: Click here to generate a sitemap


Click here to submit your sitemap to google, since you have already generated it(I assume so).

11. Poor Readers engagement

12. Posting at the wrong time

13. Having an unstable server (If you have a hosting)

14. If you have lots of competitors

15. Poor or no keywords:

While you might define your products and services in a certain way, it’s very important to know the words your potential readers would use to refer to them. Sometimes the terms you consider correct might mean something completely different for other people, or could be too generic.

16. No logo: Image search results for phonefixer and adsense include my blog images

17. Irregular posting time

18. Using a free domain

19. Overusing or Stuffing your Keywords:

You might think that by using your target keywords in every sentence of your content, you would boost your ratings. That strategy couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, going overboard with keywords usage is registered as spammy by search engines, which means it actually damages your SEO performance.

20. Using the wrong plugins(for wordpress)

21. Bad Mobile Experience:

If you haven’t considered a smooth mobile experience for your audience, your rating on search engines can be jeopardized, as SEO optimization is not only about content and keywords! Learn about what AMP is HERE.

When you have looked into and worked on the above mentioned 21 mistakes that can damage your SEO, your site would find its way into Google’s first page.

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